Precept Increase



As advised previously, the cost of replacing and repairing Parish Assets during 2023 has had an impact on the Parish precept request for the next financial year commencing on 1 April 2024.


All Council Tax Bills will increase now that Parish Councillors have confirmed the requested Parish Precept for 2024-25, from the County Council. The Parish Precept is one of five components of the overall Council Tax Bill.


To illustrate the effect that this increase will have, the table below shows the Parish Precept part of the overall Council Bill for this year and next, for properties in bands C to G.


Councillors were concerned to advise everyone how the recent vandalism is affecting household costs.

BAND 2023-24 (£/Year) 2024-25 (£/Year)
C 35.48  54.28
D 39.91 61.06
E 48.78 74.63
F 57.65 88.20
G 66.52 101.77