Update on the community benches in Bickerton

Parish Councillors have had several enquiries about progress with the village seats so I thought it was time for an update. As you know the damage was very bad and one seat was so badly smashed that we needed professional help to restore it. We were not able to work inside so persistent rain followed by freezing temperatures did not help.
I’m pleased to say that the base will be repaired on 24thJanuary and the seats reinstalled on 29th January. Both dates are weather permitting.
I would love to think that the people responsible for these acts of wanton destruction have ‘got it out of their system’ or have come to appreciate that this is no way to behave towards the community of Bickerton. However, if the seats are damaged again, we will have to look at steel seats, which I am sure you agree are not in keeping with our village. Also, the ongoing costs of dealing with this persistent vandalism are having a serious impact on Parish Council finances.
I hope that covers outstanding questions, fingers crossed we don’t have to talk about this again.
Janet Hanson – Chair