Nat West Bank Scam Update

Received from:
Andy Fox
North Yorkshire Police, Financial Abuse Safeguarding Officer, Economic Crime Unit

The attached information is from my colleagues at Nat West bank who ask I circulate it which gives practical advice about impersonation scams, namely criminals pretending to be the police or your bank.


Preventing Bank Scams

Preventing Bank Scams

I think it is also worth a reminder about the type of scams we are seeing in North Yorkshire. Please be aware of scam calls about energy refunds/assistance. The reduction in your energy bills comes direct from the supplier and you do not have to apply for it.

Remember, the police or bank will NEVER ask you to move money to  a ‘safe’ account  and if you are ever told to lie to the bank/police/family etc as to why you are sending/moving money, it is a scam.

You can download this leaflet from the link below.