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Chatterbox News Update August 2020

Chatterbox News update!!

As we continue to abide by the current restrictions surrounding the Coronavirus crisis we are delighted to share with you our planned village activities for August.
Your Chatterbox team has been greatly encouraged by appreciation shown and messages of support received, from residents during recent events.

Thank you! we couldn’t do it without You.

We include details below of our next two village events, both planned for Bank Holiday Monday 31st August.
We trust you will find them enjoyable. If you have any queries please feel free to contact any of the named coordinators listed.
Our events this year have aided various charitable organisations, we are delighted to continue in this way by offering Wetherby Food Bank the proceeds from this month’s event.
Our grateful thanks go to Julie McCready at West End Cottage for organising the Rock Trail/Hunt and to Teddy Edward at Manorlea who will be collecting donations from the Yard Sale.

If you have any suggestions which you feel would benefit Bickerton residents, during these difficult times, please feel free to contact any of the Chatterbox team.
Stay Alert! Stay Safe! Stay Distanced and most of  All, please join in on the 31st, we would love to see you!

We will send out a further reminder in two weeks time, meanwhile start painting your rocks.

With Our Best Wishes

Susie Joyce Linda and Karen


Susie Pilling                             Tel 01423 358340

Joyce Harrison     Tel 01423 358124

Linda Thornber            Tel 01423 358967

Karen Flood                       Tel 01423 358689


Bickerton Rocks! Our Hidden Gallery

A selection of painted rocks

Open to all – Please join in and decorate a rock for our Bickerton Rock Trail on
Bank Holiday Monday 31st August
Decorate a rock — getting as creative as you like — seal it with varnish or PVA to
make it waterproof.  Write your name on the bottom of the rock. Think of a
name for the design. Then, hide it on or before Monday 31st August so it can be
spotted along the public footpath or pavement and let me know via email

I need to know your name and the name of your rock design by Friday 28th
August this will give me time to compile a numbered list of the entries
Sample entry form for the painted rock competitionLists will be available at the start of the day on the cart outside West End Cottage.
You can collect a list and start your search – ticking off the rocks as you find them like bingo!
Who will manage to find and tick off all the rocks on the list? Will you remember
where they are all hidden?  A marvellous way to share and play with creativity.

No rocks can be moved during the hunt
No rocks should be hidden on private property
All rocks should be visible from the public paths but not create a trip hazard
All rocks should be hidden within Bickerton Village no further than the last


Bickerton Bonanza – Clear out for Charity

Composite yard sale image of items to display

Do you have things that you want to get rid of?
Have you been meaning to clear out your garage or house? Perhaps the
children’s toys or kitchen cupboards.
Now is the time to have a summer clear out.
We are inviting you to get rid of all those things you couldn’t take to the
tip or charity shop?
It may be rubbish to you but could be someone else’s treasure?

On Monday 31st August 10am-6pm

Place all the things you no longer want and are prepared to give away
at the end of your drive by 10 am.  Invite donations, to be left with
Teddy Edward at his collection station outside Manorlea, Main Street.
He will be ready and waiting to receive a Monetary donation or tinned goods, all for the Wetherby Food Bank.
Please place a sign on your goods directing people to Teddy’s donation station.
Enjoy walking around the village looking, collecting and donating.

Let’s redistribute the things we no longer need, hopefully they will find new loving homes and be of use to others.  Wheel barrows at the ready! Will you grab a bargain?

Chatterbox coordinator for this event – Joyce Harrison tel: 01423 358124