BT Phone Box image against blue sky and a red tree

The BT Phone Kiosk in Bilton in Ainsty

The Parish Council is aware of a note circulated to all properties in Bilton in Ainsty, which claims that the red BT Kiosk is to be removed in August.2019. Councillors have investigated this claim.
There is no notice in the Kiosk and BT has not applied for Planning Consent to Harrogate Borough Council to remove the Kiosk. BT last applied for Planning Consent to remove the unused payphone in October 2016. The then Chairman of the Parish Council consulted residents in Bilton in Ainsty to seek their views on retaining the Kiosk,with a limited number only asking that it be retained. The PC responded to the Planning Application that it had no objections to the removal, but drew attention to the inadequate mobile network coverage in the Village for emergency calls. NYCC’s Heritage section objected to the removal as they had not been consulted and the Application was refused.
The Chair of the Parish Council has spoken with the Principal Conservation Officer at Harrogate Borough Council and her reply is below
“I have very recently been asked about a telephone kiosk in Bilton in Ainsty – for this particular kiosk, I have ascertained that it is not to be removed imminently. However, I was also advised that BT are to soon consult again on the removal of any remaining kiosks that have low usage, which includes this kiosk (a similar process occurred a few years ago – as a result of which some other kiosks are currently being removed). This process involves the council consulting with the public and parish councils – at this point the parish council (or the landowner) has the opportunity to adopt the kiosk. Otherwise, if the council (us) objects to the removal, then the kiosk will be retained. If there is no objection nor is it adopted, then the kiosks will be removed by BT. From a heritage point of view, we would typically object to the older type kiosks that are located in sensitive, heritage areas. I believe that objections are also likely if the telephone is well used still.”
Anyone who has documentary evidence that the Kiosk is to be removed in August 2019, should forward it to the Parish Council so that the appropriate action can be taken.
19/09/19 UPDATE ON BT KIOSKS IN BILTON IN AINSTY AND BICKERTON. BT have applied for planning permission to remove the kiosks from both our villages, along with a large number of under-used kiosks in the wider area. Please send your objections to  the Harrogate Borough council quoting the planning application reference below, or check the HBC planning portal.
Bickerton   19/03916/KIOSK             Bilton in  Ainsty   6.142.KIOSK 19/03931/KIOSK
This will be strongly objected to by the Parish Council on heritage grounds and because mobile phone signals are extremely poor in our area.The item will be on the Agenda for the October PC meeting.