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Dates and Committes


The next monthly meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Music Room at Tockwith School on Monday 17 February 2014. The meeting will start at 7.30 pm.

As always, members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings of the Parish Council. Access to the music room is from the car park to the west side of the school.


Each year your elected Parish Councillors prepare a budget of expenditure for running the Parish Council (PC) in the following financial year. The Parish Council receives its income from local residents via the annual community charge bill sent to each property by Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) and is the Parish Precept identified in the breakdown.

Many local residents will be aware that the PC acquired the land adjoining the Chequer’s Inn Bilton in Ainsty, which is now used as a car park by Punch Taverns and the lessee of the Pub and car park. For several years, Councillors have offset part of the cost of financing the PC, by using the income received for use of the car park from Punch Taverns.

The state of the finances of Punch Taverns and the viability of the Chequer’s Inn, caused Councillors some concerns in these hard pressed economic times. Councillors agreed in 2011 to take positive action to safeguard the PCs future viability. As a result, they agreed over a 5 year period to increase the precept received from HBC, by an additional £500.00 per year until the PCs budget was balanced and no longer depended on the income from the Chequers Inn car park. This increase in the precept will continue to be applied in the next financial year commencing on 6 April 2014, when the community charge bills are sent out.

Councillors were concerned that all local residents were aware of their actions and why it is necessary.

If any local resident would like to read a copy of the PC’s annual accounts, these can be viewed on this website. If you would prefer it, a copy of the accounts can be emailed to you direct by request to biltonandbickertonpc@hotmail.co.uk

Most local residents will now have received their notice regarding works being carried out to St Helen's Church, to provide the long overdue basic facilities required to meet legislation introduced several years ago (disabled access, toilets and kitchen facilities).  The notice advises each resident to apply for a ticket to the service of dedication of the new facilities, which will be lead by the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu.  The new facilities are being funded in part by your Parish Council from its reserves. When the Parish Plan was prepared some years ago and local residents were asked if they attended services at St Helen's Church,  a significant majority did not attend the services.  However, most residents did not want to see the building become unused if the Church became redundant and preferred it to be used for Community purposes. 32.7% of those questioned wanted to see the building used as a Village Hall with 19.3% suggesting a more general Community use. The proposed installation of the long overdue basic facilities to meet 1996 legislation, will go some way to satisfy all who lived in the area and commented in 2005.

Councillors are always happy to answer any questions about the annual budget or annual accounts. Members of the public are always welcome to attend the monthly meetings, which are usually held on the third Monday of each month (excluding August and December). The PC holds all meetings in the music room at Tockwith Primary School, starting at 7.30 pm.

The Councillors currently are:-
Mr S Mackouly (Chairman) 
Mr E B Pope
Mr T Smithson
Mr D J Gill
Mrs J Hanson
Mrs J Davies
Mr A J Pratt
Mr L T I Grant - Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer.