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Strategic Documents

Councillors Register of Interests.
Councillors have adopted a Data protection policy for the Parish Council, following the GDPR 2018 introduction on 25 May 2018. It can be read here /BABPC/UserFiles/Files/Data Retention Policy.docx

All Councillors now register their interests with Harrogate Borough Council, which publishes the information it holds. To view details for members of the Parish Council, go to the District Council's home page by clicking here. 
Scroll down to Popular Links and select the first item Our Councillors. On the left hand menu, select Council Bodies and then choose Parish and Town Councils. Click on Show All and then select Bilton in Ainsty with Bickerton.

The council has also adopted the Freedom of Information Act - Model publication scheme 2008, please click here to view the document.

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Standing Orders

Financial Regulations

Parish Council's Financial Risk Assessment -
FRA Overview
FRA Matrix
FRA 2006, FRA Update 2008, FRA Update 2009, FRA Update 2010, FRA Update 2011
FRA Update 2012, FRA Update 2013  FRA Update 2014, FRA Update 2015, FRA update 2016, FRA Update 2017

Parish Council's Asset Risk Assessment
Front Cover/Index/Overview
Asset Risk Assessment, Risk Assessment Philosophy
Asset Images: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6

Code of Conduct

Gair Consulting Ltd Air Quality Report